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I Will Drum

Mourning Our Indigenous Children Through the Heart Beat of Our Drums

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Updated June 24th 2022

On July 1st I Will Drum Every Year at 11AM for at least half an hour to mourn the loss of our stolen and murdered Indigenous Children through the residential school system. If there are Indigenous facilitators who would like to volunteer their time to organize in your community a half hour vigil of drumming this would be the ideal form of bonding and healing in our communities for all who's hearts have been struck by this. I am honoured if you would like to use my World Drum Sticker and can send you a copy. If there is not an indigenous facilitator and you are willing please feel free to organize. 

Any one can join with an open heart. Hand over heart and  to drum a heart beat to a song or in silence. Drum with friends in your back yard. Drum where you are happy.

This is not an extravagant event. 

A short history(reminder) to those who attend about what a residential school was and an idea of the suffering that families and children went through (audience appropriate of course)

Thank you all who show up to support. To remember our indigenous children and all children who have suffered in the past and today in our world. 

I pledge to never forget those that have suffered and died and those who suffered and live today.


Below is my blog to help I hope a bit about drum circle and small history of res schools